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Standard refining flux type:

Type Function Scope of Application Dosage per ton Refiningtemperatu
3RF Degassing & Deslagging Roll casting aluminum and molten alloy degassing, deslagging & purifying. 1.5-2.5kg 700-740°C
6RF Degassing & Deslagging, better than 3RF Refining of cable rod and alloy rod precise casting. 1.0-1.5kg 700- 740X:
9RF Environmental, without C2CI6 Refining of high purity & high magnesium molten alloy. 1.5-2.0kg 700- 740C
420RF Degassing
Refining and purifying of high precise aluminum, such as A356.2 and wheel hub. 1 .5-2. 5kg 710-7301:
560RF Na free type, Degassing & Deslagging Refining and purifying of 5 series aluminum alloy and wheel hub. 1. 5-2.0kg 720 – 740°C
33SF Degassing & Deslagging Refining and purifying of double zero foil blank. 1. 5-2.0kg 720 – 740°C
66SF Degassing & Deslagging Refining and purifying ofprecision casting aluminum alloy. 1. 5-2.0kg 720 – 740C
120SF Natrium & Calcium removal type Removing microelement Na, Ca, H, Li of molten aluminum & alloy, excellent refining and purifying efficiency. 1. 5-4.0kg 735 – 745°C
220SF Magnesium Removal type Removing microelement Mg of molten aluminum and alloy, excellent refining and purifying efficiency. It can remove 1 kg Mg with 5kg 220SF. 735-745。。

Features & Application:
AdTech is Granular flux is a kind of white with slightly gray fine particles. The Main ingredients are chloride with other compounds. It turns to uniform size after heat treatment and screening.Under the action of nitrogen or argon as carrier gas, refining flux is injected into the melt for two times through powder spraying tank. Make sure the nozzle outlets as close to bottom layer of molten metal as possible, move the nozzle back and forth to ensure flux fully contact with molten aluminum. Then refine the molten metal with N2 or Ar gas in turns at the bottom layer for 20 minutes. After physical and chemical changes in molten aluminum, numerous small bubbles with oxidized slag are separated and formed . The bubbles carrying hydrogen atoms slowly rise up and float out, so as to achieve the degassing and deslagging purpose of purification. It is both economical and environmentally friendly, and it can meet the requirement of high value-added & high- tech performance aviation, transportation and other aluminum alloy precise casting production, such as computer hard drive, micron-sized aluminum foil raw material, PS baseboard for printing, canning materials, fan blades for turbojet engine, etc.
Assembly Use:
AdTech a

  1. Compared with traditional product, AdTech refining flux can solve the problem which use bulk dosage and produce large aluminium ash. The proposed dosage is1.5-2.0kg per ton with ash output of 0.8-1%, fulfilling high-precision aluminum alloy casting requirement, effectively improving the molten metal yield rate for 0.6-0.8%, and achieving energy saving purpose.
  2. After appropriate heat treatment and screening, the flux will turn to uniform size which is conducive for transferring in refining jar with(N2 or Ar) gas as carrier gas to the bottom layer of molten aluminum. It can fully solve the traditional problem such as tube plugging, failure to uniformly dispersing which cannot ensure the quality.
  3. AdTech refining flux is manufacturing with molten metal compounding combination principle to researching, developing and configuring. So it can reduce smoke and burning wastage which protects the environment economically.

Packing Specifications:









As per requirement Stored in ventilated and dry environment, 6 to 12 months

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