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Covering Flux 550CF/580CF Sodium type. It is used for inner furnace covering toprevent molten aluminium oxidation, lower oxidationand burning loss.Sodium free type. It is used for inner furnace coveringof high Mg aluminum alloy and Sr modified Al alloy toprevent oxidation, lower oxidation and burning loss.

1. Adtech refining fluxs manufacturing with molten metal compounding combinationprinciple to researching, developing and configuring. So it can reduce smoke and burningwastage which protects the environment economically.
2. Compared with traditional product, Adtech refining flux can solve the problemwhich use bulk dosage and produce large aluminium ash. The proposed dosage is 1.5-2.Okg per ton with ash output of 0.8-1%, fulfilling high-precision aluminum alloy castingrequirement, effectively improving the molten metal yield rate for 0.6-0.8%, achievingenergy saving purpose
3. After appropriate heat treatment and screening, the flux will turn to uniform sizewhich is conducive for transferring in refining jar with(N2 or Ar)gas as carrier to thebottom layer of molten aluminum. It can fully solve the traditional problem such as tubeplugging, failure to uniformly dispersing which cannot ensure the quality.
Deslagging Flux: Remove package, sprinkle flux on the scum before slagging-off,keep and mix for 10 minutes. Separating aluminum in the scum by chemical reaction. Theslagging is off white colored
Covering Flux: Remove package, sprinkle flux on aluminum ingot or sprinkle it onrefined molten aluminum. Lower molten aluminum oxidation
Oxide Removal Flux: Remove package, spray flux on slag when it is still heatedinside furnace after pour out molten aluminum, then close furnace door and waiting for10-20 mins. And the slag can be removed
Aluminum Ash Recover Flux: Remove package, sprinkle directly after slagdischarging and mix quickly, after 10 minutes physical-chemical processing, the slag andaluminum are separated. Recycling molten aluminum
Package and conservation:
5kg/bag, 20kg/carton, 1200kg/pallet. No moisture and keep in ventilated and dryenvironment. Guarantee period 12 months. Collect packing bag together and disposethem, no burning

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